The best real estate team we have ever come across, hands down! My husband and I recently relocated here from Manhattan and had the pleasure of working with Martin and Betty to find our home. Which, we found and secured the contract for in only three days. This is most certainly a testament to the fact that the really listened to what we needed in our new home. Prior to being in Manhattan, we lived in North Carolina where I spent 16 years as a Realtor. Needless to say, I had reservations/high expectations when it came to choosing Realtors in a state that was foreign to our family. With that said, and without hesitation, I say they truly are the best Realtors I have EVER come across. Before, during, and after our transaction they have consistently listened, followed up, and genuinely cared about our needs, something so special, yet so rare these days. From this transaction on, Betty and Martin will always represent our family’s real estate needs as long as they are willing. Not only are they fantastic Realtors, but now thankfully, they both are friends.

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